Over thirty years ago, we built a display home in Canberra that was designed by architect David Harvey. It was simple, cleverly devised, and well received. Paula and Drew, a young couple who loved architecture, visited the house, liked what they saw and commissioned David Harvey to come up with a design for them, which Bellevarde built. A few years later, they asked us to build a rooftop extension on that place. They eventually sold the house and moved into an apartment but it seems they never forgot about Bellevarde. A few months ago, they called us to discuss building a house for them on a magnificent block in Tathra with Welsh + Major Architects. We’re pleased to be able to work with Paula and Drew again after all this time.

It has been nearly twenty years since we built an architect-designed house for Jaye and Peter in Woollahra. It still looks great. Around 2010, we added a loft above the garage for them. In the last few months, we have returned once more under the direction of Tim Allison. This time, we’ve been asked to install a brand new kitchen. Andrew Coory, who heads up our Eastern Suburbs maintenance team, managed this latest building project. It’s been a rewarding experience working with Jaye and Peter again.

These are just two of many examples where we’ve been approached to work with our clients again. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built up and thankful that they’ve also recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

John Fielding and the Bellevarde team