We take great pride in the houses we build and are committed to their maintenance—for as long as you choose.

Bellevarde’s role in maintaining your home

We take great pride in the houses we build and are committed to their maintenance—for as long as you choose. This is why with the keys to your home you also receive:

  • A comprehensive Maintenance Manual
  • Details of our Defects and Construction Guarantees
  • An introduction to your Bellevarde Maintenance Manager
The Maintenance Manual

The Manual is created by the Site Manager and Site Administrator who built your house. It is then reviewed by the Bellevarde Maintenance Manager who will be responsible for your house. They spend time with the team on site in the final weeks of construction, participating in final detailing of your house and building a full understanding of all aspects of its operation and future maintenance.

The Maintenance Manual details:

  1. All the materials and suppliers used in building your home, with their contact details.
  2. A suggested maintenance plan for minimising maintenance costs and prolonging the life of surface finishes.
  3. Contact details for your Bellevarde Maintenance Manager.
Your house comes with two guarantees
1. Our 12-month Warranty Guarantee

Contractually all builders are required to make good any defects that occur within three months of the handover of the house. Our Guarantee is for twelve months. Just before the twelve months is up, we undertake a thorough inspection, review our findings with you and make good any defects.

2. Our six-year Construction Guarantee

By law all builders are required to provide a six-year guarantee only against structural defects. We go considerably further by also guaranteeing the workmanship of our direct employees and subcontractors for the same six-year period.

Your own Bellevarde Maintenance Manager

Their role is to help you maintain your home in first class condition. They not only take responsibility for our Defects and Construction Guarantees but will also provide whatever other assistance you may request regarding the maintenance of your home.

They are uniquely positioned to do this as they retain full records of every aspect of the construction and maintenance of your home plus, of course, a copy of your Maintenance Manual.

They have not only the Maintenance division’s own skilled workforce, but often call on the skills and knowledge of the very tradespeople who built your house.

For help at any time

North of the bridge contact Matt Faulks:

0403 037 811 , or matt@bellevarde.com.au

South of the bridge contact Andrew Coory:

0412 802 942 , or andrew@bellevarde.com.au

Sydney contact Tom Enev:

0434 521 401, or tom.enev@bellevarde.com.au

Canberra and regional contact Steve O'Ryan:

0409 625 314 , or steve.oryan@bellevarde.com.au

Contact Head Office:

02 6295 2928 , or call John Fielding directly on 0418 625 404