What it is and why we have one

Our great passion is to build beautiful houses extraordinarily well.

Since 1980 we’ve been building some of this country’s most complex and challenging houses. In that time we have determined what works (and what doesn’t) for just about every situation you can imagine. We have prided ourselves on keeping careful note of everything we’ve done.

The practical result of this meticulous accumulation of knowledge is in the Bellevarde Construction Manual—the over 200-page manual to be found on every Bellevarde site. It details step-by-step how every task is to be performed. No exceptions.

If our Bellevarde site managers weren’t always looking to improve on the Construction Manual, they wouldn’t be our site managers.

Yet, even they have no power to implement their own ideas until the other managers and John Fielding have assessed them as being worthwhile improvements.

This process encourages everyone to keep striving to better our standards, while guaranteeing uniformity across all our sites.

Rewards are given to everyone who contributes to the Construction Manual.

Continuing to discover even better ways to build beautiful houses, is why we come to work.