Daniele Feltracco

Site Manager, Director

My dad was a builder who brought architect’s ideas to reality. I grew up watching and learning how this process took place.

I liked the idea of being involved in building so, by the time I finished school, I decided I would give architecture a go. Two degrees later and stuck in the “recession we had to have”, I found myself in the same boat as many others in the profession—out of work.

It was then I decided I would change tack and become a builder. I applied for my builder’s licence and started with small renovations until I had enough experience and finance to work on larger, more detailed architect-designed projects.

After gaining more than a decade’s experience doing that type of work, I moved to Sydney and started at Bellevarde as an assistant leading hand. It wasn’t long before I was managing my own jobs. Joining the Bellevarde team turned out to be an inspired choice. They have a close working relationship with some of Australia’s finest architects. Many of these architects have told me they appreciate my background and interest in architecture as being of great benefit when it comes to the challenges of producing beautifully designed, well-built projects. This is something I relish.

As a company, Bellevarde thrive on elegant detailing and the highest levels of quality. Everyone wants to do their job the best it can be done. It’s very inspiring.

It’s now been more than 15 years since I joined Bellevarde and I still maintain my passion for detailing, quality, and architecture. Each day, I find myself figuring out better details, improving our build quality, and learning a bit more about architecture and the kind of team it takes to create the best building.

Along the way, I’ve learnt many things. Never be afraid of a challenge. There is always a better way to do something if you put in the effort. Take the time to communicate well with everyone involved in the building process, be it the client, the architect, your tradespeople, or your suppliers. I believe this is the optimum way to achieve the best outcomes.

Being a good builder is a noble career choice and I encourage anyone who might be interested. We have many team members who started at Bellevarde as apprentices and have progressed to senior positions like Site Manager.

In recent years, I’ve taken up a director’s position with Bellevarde. Together with our other directors and all our staff, I will continue the steady progression of our company by reinforcing our principles and inspiring a passion for what we do.