Kinoshita house, Newport


Sacha Zehnder, of
Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Eriko Kinoshita

Our house fuses Japanese and Western influences. We are on a surf beach, which allows us to view the waves from a tatami platform.

We wanted the house to feel simple and elegant, and knew that achieving this would require a great commitment of time and skill by everyone involved.

The essence of such a house is that the effort and complexity of building it is nowhere visible; only those who look closely are rewarded with the exquisite attention to the finest detail. It took twenty-two months to achieve.

Because John is driven by his deep love for building only the most beautiful and challenging of houses, he attracts people who are deeply proud of their skills; people who love the opportunity to work to their best. I now believe he is the only builder with the experience, the skills and the passion to have built this house.

We wake up each day in awe and appreciation of its beauty and surroundings.

Sacha Zehnder, of
Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Because you walk straight out onto Newport Beach it was essential that the house capture and reflect the spirit of the site. We wanted it to be fluid, to feel like part of the dunes, with a copper roof to resemble a tree canopy.

Whilst our design may appear simple it demanded great integrity in construction. An example is the concrete portals that frame the lower level and carry the upstairs bedrooms. They are actually very complex, with zero alignment and construction tolerances to accommodate the hanging door heads and fixed glazing. During all critical concrete pours, John turned up to work the vibrator to ensure the concrete filled the formwork perfectly. On one level that is a minor thing, on another it shows a builder who shares our belief that everything you place on a site should be done perfectly so it is sustainable in the long term.

It is my view that John’s background as a brickie and a country boy has given him a great set of building values to do with practicality, integrity and sustainability. His respect for nature and the beauty of the country is embodied in his work.

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