Overcliffe, Potts Point


Clinton Murray, of
Clinton Murray Architects

Leon Fink

John is a very unusual builder. He is driven by excellence of delivery. That’s why he works very well with extraordinary architects—because he understands them and knows where the boundaries are.

He is also first-class with clients who have not had too much experience with architects, because John asks the questions they may not know to ask—and does it in a thoughtful and constructive way. This way, clients get the best outcomes.

In some ways John is a throwback to the old days when a skilled builder’s word was his bond. You can trust him.

I’d happily use him again.

Clinton Murray, of
Clinton Murray Architects

How often do you walk onto a building site and get stopped by carpenters asking your opinion on the quality of their work? The Bellevarde guys really take pride in what they do.

John presides over his site crews with dry humour and an unnerving expectation of perfection. It keeps everyone on their toes and ultimately delivers a product of unquestionably high quality.

Shelley Penn

Clinton engaged the interest of John Fielding, whose exceptional work sets him apart among Australian builders.

Fielding is a craftsman who only considers projects when there is a trusting team relationship between client, architect and builder, and where mutual respect is essential.

Overall, the construction process was a joy.

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