Sydney Penthouse


Tanya Hancock, of
Hancock Architects

Kerrie & Richard

Our apartment needed a major renovation. It’s a difficult location, being on the top floor of an older building but Bellevarde ensured the process was efficient and we’re very happy with the final outcome.

We were referred to John Fielding by a friend who had worked with him before and recommended the experience. John was very involved initially. His experience helped us formulate practical ideas and good design solutions on how best to use the space. The balcony, for example, is around a third of the overall space. One of the main issues we’ve faced over many years living here are the strong winds and wild weather that comes in from the North East. In the past, Aeronautical Engineers have been brought in to provide solutions to the wind and associated noise problems. These were unsightly and we wanted them removed. In consultation with John and the Architect, we came up with a design to remove the railing and replace it with glass. The window and balcony treatments we came up with are effective against the wind and rain and much more aesthetically pleasing. It's much quieter and gives an excellent seal against wind and rain.

Once the build began, the site manager, Ben Lea, developed ideas at a practical level in close consultation with the Architect. Ben is very proactive and it was nice to have someone so consultative and cordial over the course of a long build. All the Bellevarde builders were fantastic. They were available and accessible and nothing was ever too much trouble.

One of the concerns we had was how to get materials in and rubble out efficiently. Ben kept us and the neighbours informed so everyone knew what to expect and there were no surprises. His excellent attention to detail meant inconvenience to other residents was kept to an absolute minimum.

A memorable highlight of the build process was the helicopter. Several factors about our location meant this was the only feasible way to get the heavy glass doors for the balcony delivered. Ben and his team oversaw the tricky operation calmly and professionally. Anticipating some noise and inconvenience for neighbours, he brought tea and cakes for them on the day. It was a very nice touch.

We’ve had the chance to enjoy the completed apartment for a while now. The fittings and finishings are simply excellent. We would have no hesitation in recommending Bellevarde to anyone.

Tanya Hancock, of
Hancock Architects

The owner had lived in the original apartment for some time and wanted to convert the traditional layout into an open plan with a large master suite that maximised on the view to all rooms. We were more than pleased when they mentioned the builder they wanted to work with. We had always wanted to undertake a project with Bellevarde.

Due to the age of the existing building and the location of the apartment, the re-design and build was occasionally demanding but, backed by Bellevarde’s Ben Lea, everything went smoothly and without any major issues. Ben is great at resolving details, he simply makes things happen. Early on, he helped transform the design intent into something practical, something that could be built. At some point in the process, you give your architectural ideas to someone who can bring them into reality. Ben allowed all the ideas to simply fall into place and made it a pleasant experience.

Building in an apartment can be cramped and noisy for neighbours. With his experience and good nature, Ben and his team were able to work in with tenants and this never became a problem.

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