The Cliff house, Dover Heights


Penny Collins, Huw Turner, of
Collins Turner Architects & Designers

Ilana & Steve Penn

When we met John we had great faith he would build our house to the highest standards. He knows precisely what he is on about—he is very practical and no-nonsense. And he spends time ensuring all of us, the owners, the architects and his guys, are all on the same team.

His guys are beautiful people, caring and thoughtful and immensely proud of what they do.

It shows in the house. We adore it.

Penny Collins, Huw Turner, of
Collins Turner Architects & Designers

We were working in the UK and wanted to get a house built in Australia.

So we bought all the architectural magazines and found that virtually all the buildings we liked were built by this one Canberra builder.

We asked for references–and got them from every architect we contacted. They all said the same thing: ‘John’s a great builder’, ‘He’s passionate about quality’, and ‘He’s a good bloke.’

John turned out to be all those things.

We value his partnering approach. We became a close-knit team because John and all his guys treasure good design. They always seek to solve problems in the spirit of the design. With John it is exhilarating watching your buildings grow, because they turn out better than you dared hope. It is because they take the time to do things properly without compromise.

We believe he is the best around.

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