Great Mackerel Beach house


Robert Brown, of
Casey Brown Architecture

Dougal & Marcia James-Robertson

John listens.

He listened carefully to our ideas, to what we wanted, and to every question we ever asked him, and interpreted our needs.

He considers what you say and why you are saying it—he is very receptive and aware of people’s feelings.

He was passionate about the site. He embraced the design. But most of all, 
it was the challenge of building on the difficult site that excited him. And it was an enormous challenge! It took barges and helicopters, with all the workmen travelling back and forth by boat throughout the winter.

John encourages excellence from his men and they rise to meet his excitement and expectations. He has the best foremen and tradesmen available.

John is a quiet man—he is a thinker and a gentleman, one who cares 
about his clients.

The house shows his dedication to perfection. It is an amazingly wonderful, inspired home with a great feeling of well-being.

Robert Brown, of
Casey Brown Architecture

John is a builder who suffers from ‘architect’s disease’. He’s always sketching. Give him a problem and he whips out this little pad and off he goes. He’s a truly good guy but he drives his team hard. They stay with John because they want to use their skills on the best buildings on the best sites, with the best architects and the best clients. I suspect John has only got four interests: building, wine, skiing 
and building. We give him our best buildings because he is the best there is.

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