Sastrugi lodge, Thredbo


Robert Brown, of
Casey Brown Architecture

Tim Casey

John and I are both builders, but we operate quite differently. John likes to get down in the trenches alongside his men.

Sastrugi was originally built in 1954 and is one of the four original Thredbo cottages. The challenge we faced was making it a first class functioning home while respecting its Heritage listing. 
It was a worthy challenge.

The quality of the finished house is extremely high. You can see it in the twisted zinc roof and the curving 
balconies. The attention to detail is as good as you get. This is a reflection of the attitudes of the whole Bellevarde team—especially the foreman, whom 
I hold in very high regard.

Though I suspect deep down John might be a frustrated architect, I’m happy he is a good old-fashioned builder.

Robert Brown, of
Casey Brown Architecture

John is a builder who suffers from ‘architect’s disease’. He’s always sketching. Give him a problem and he whips out this little pad and off he goes. He’s a truly good guy but he drives his team hard. They stay with John because they want to use their skills on the best buildings on the best sites, with the best architects and the best clients.

I suspect John has only got four interests: building, wine, skiing and building.

We give him our best buildings because he is the best there is.

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