The Beach Suites, Byron Bay


Ian Mckay

John Cornell

Bellevarde are the finest builders we have ever experienced. They are millimetre perfect. They have the rare knack of getting craftsmen to excel. You end up feeling proud on their behalf.

They have constructed the finest apartment building on the New South Wales coast.

Ian Mckay

Bellevarde have built on three occasions for me now, and the experience has been unvaryingly warm and wonderful.

It is a rare thrill for an architect to design for an appreciative and sensitive client, on a superb site, and then have a builder who puts his heart and soul into constructing it with an eye for accuracy and an overriding passion for excellence.

John Fielding takes a very personal interest in all his projects. He has an uncanny skill of being able to select foremen who can imbue into their site people a sense of involvement—even passion—to do every task entrusted to them to the absolute extent of their ability.

We gave Bellevarde some extraordinarily demanding details and they rose to the occasion every time.

The results can be a source of wonderment to the designer. The details take on a mystical quality—how did they do that?—it looks impossible, but there it is—what joy to all involved. Our dreams have been realised beyond reasonable expectations.

Everybody wins in a situation like that; the client gets a very well-constructed building that will stand the test of time and usage—and, one hopes, will be appreciated by all who inhabit it. My dreams have been fully realised, and all of the site people can feel proud of the legacy of skill they leave behind.

Thank you John, Guy, Michael and all the team—well done again.

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