The Gallery, Redfern


Graham Jahn, of
jaa studio

Stephen Grant

Ours is a pretty interesting house. It was a warehouse: now it is our home and our Gallery premises. It was full of challenges to build and everywhere we look it has got John’s handwriting all over. We had a concrete kitchen bench cast in situ. It was a spectacular event.

The attention to detail is remarkable all through the house.

John builds a bloody good house.

That’s because he’s got bloody good people. Our site foreman was a legend. The whole team made you feel like a client, in the best way. They listened and responded.

If the cost of everything is your issue, then John isn’t your guy. Not because he is that expensive, but because John is more interested in the challenges of capturing great design and making the impossible work.

If you intend building a special house get a special builder. John is the best. Not the cheapest—just the best.

Graham Jahn, of
jaa studio

John and his team at Bellevarde possess the qualities that architects and clients look for in a good builder…

These are an empathy with design, careful selection of trades and high—but not impossible—standards.

His down-to-earth approach is direct and his negotiation skills are an acquired taste that leave you wanting more!

His experience translates into real estimates of time and money, where too many others fall into the trap of luring owners into impossible to achive budgets and deadlines.

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